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Music Ministry

Lancaster Church Of God

Music Ministry Leader

Patrick Crum

Patrick grew up in a small town in West Virgina, and moved to Kentucky in 2005 to attend Berea College. He studied music and business and graduated with his bachelor's in 2010. His passion fo music began at a young age, singing and playing piano in the church where his grandfather was pastor. When his grandfather passed away in 2006, Patrick moved from Berea, Ky back home to Lorado, WV to be with his family. After returning to Berea to continue his education, he met his wife, Mary, in 2009 and in 2011 was invited to Lancaster Church of God. After getting involved in the music ministry as a pianist, he later became the Music Ministry Leader. Patrick's goals for the Music Ministry are to bring people into worship with their Heavenly Father and prepare their hearts to receive the Gospel. 

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Music Ministry Leader

Orie Day

More info coming soon!

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